Keep Your Trees Growing Tall

Offering routine tree trimming services and tree pruning services in Town and Country, Ballwin & Chesterfield, MO and surrounding areas

No one likes looking at an unruly yard with overgrown trees and sagging branches. On top of ruining the aesthetic appeal of your lawn, overgrown trees can be dangerous. InstaCare Tree Service offers tree trimming services and tree pruning services to remove any sagging, heavy or dying branches. By removing these problematic branches, your trees can grow tall and beautiful.

Our tree trimming services can help your trees stay healthy in or around Town and Country, Kirkwood & Ballwin, MO and the Saint Louis County area. Give your trees the attention they need by hiring our team today for professional tree trimming and tree pruning services.

Remove dangerous trees before they fall

Proactively scheduling dangerous tree removal can save you a lot of time and money. If a dying, leaning or rotten tree falls on your home, it can cost thousands of dollars to remove the tree and repair the damage. We follow a strategic dangerous tree removal process. We'll:

Use a bucket truck to trim the branches
Climb the tree to cut it down slowly and safely
Cut down the trunk and remove the sections
Grind the stump to create a level surface

Once we're done, you'll be out of harm's way. Trust our team when you need a tree removed from your yard.

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