Maintain Your Property by Tending to Your Trees

Schedule residential tree service in Town and Country, Ballwin, Chesterfield, MO and surrounding areas

Everyone enjoys looking at a well-maintained yard. From fresh-cut grass to neatly trimmed trees, a tidy yard stands out on any block. InstaCare Tree Service can keep your trees from overgrowing and taking over your yard in St. Louis County, MO or surrounding areas. Our residential tree service can include tree care, tree trimmingtree removal, and arborist consultations.

We'll take good care of your trees. To schedule residential tree service, call 314-575-4328 now.

Do what's best for your yard

All of our tree services will help you maintain a beautiful yard. By scheduling routine tree trimming and tree pruning appointments, you can keep your trees healthy and growing in the right direction. Our licensed and insured arborist can also help you keep larger trees healthy so you don't have to remove them down the line.

If there are any trees that fell unexpectedly, call us for emergency tree removal and yard cleanup services. Reach out to our team to learn more about what we can do for your trees.

emergency tree removal st louis mo

Tree Removal

Turn to us when you need reliable tree removal services.

tree pruning st louis mo

Tree Trimming

Routine tree trimming services can prevent your trees from overgrowing.

tree care services st louis mo

Tree Care

Schedule tree care services to keep your trees healthy.

stump grinding st louis mo

Stump Grinding

Get full use of your yard by scheduling stump grinding services.

We'll keep your trees looking green

It's hard to tell how healthy your trees are by just looking at them. Part of our job deals with assessing your trees and letting you know if any of them need to be removed or trimmed. If the...

Tree branches are encroaching on power lines or other structures
Bark and trunk of the tree are dying
Tree roots are covered in mold or mushrooms us to take the appropriate course of action. All of our services, including our emergency tree removal, are available for residential and commercial properties.