Don't Trip Over Stumps in Your Yard

Free up your yard by scheduling stump grinding services in Town and Country, Ballwin or Chesterfield, MO and surrounding areas

After a tree is cut down, you're typically left with an ugly stump. A stump can slowly rot and take up space in your yard. InstaCare Tree Service offers stump grinding services so you can have full use of your yard again. We use grinders because they're the best way to fully remove every part of the stump.

After we've ground the stump, we can remove the mulch or use it to fill up the remaining hole, depending on your preferences. Contact our team today to learn more about our stump grinding services in or near Town and Country, Kirkwood & Ballwin, MO and Saint Louis County and surrounding areas.

You deserve to be proud of your yard

Paying attention to hazardous trees and dying bushes is an important part of yard maintenance. After you've removed any trees that could put you in danger, the next step is to schedule stump removal services. Our team knows how to remove stumps safely without damaging the surrounding soil.

Leave the stump removal services to our professional team. Call us today to make an appointment.

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