Choose an Arborist-Led Tree Company

Consult an experienced arborist now in Town and Country, Kirkwood, Ballwin, St. Louis, MO and surrounding areas

When your trees need a little TLC, you need someone with the right skills to help. But if you're not an expert on tree care, how do you know who to look for?

An arborist is the right person for the job. Fortunately, InstaCare Tree Service is run by a reputable arborist based in St. Louis, MO. We serve all areas in St. Louis County, including Town and Country, Ballwin & Chesterfield, MO and surrounding areas. While both arborists and regular tree trimmers have on-the-job experience and skills, arborists have specialized training and education in tree biology.

When should you call our arborist?

You can turn to our arborist whenever you need tree services or an arborist consultation. We have what it takes to keep your trees healthy, well-trimmed and beautiful.

Speak with us when:

  • Your trees have health problems
  • Your trees are damaged
  • Your trees need an inspection for safety

With our arborist, your trees will always be in good hands. Call 314-575-4328 now to arrange for an arborist consultation.

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